My Mission is to bring more joy to the world and support others in unleashing the abiding bliss that resides within.

History of Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a unique form of exercise developed in 1995 by a medical doctor in India named Dr. Madan Kataria.  He was writing an article called “Laughter is the Best Medicine”.  His conclusion after doing all the research is that laughter really is the best medicine.  He wanted to prescribe 20 minutes of sustained hearty laughter to all of his patients. While thinking about how to get his patients to do that he came up with the idea of laughter clubs. 

He started the first club at a park in Mumbai

India with his wife and 3 other friends.  After

a week there were 50 people laughing together. 

Now there are thousands of laughter clubs

in over 70 countries all around the globe.

Laughter Clubs

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  1. BulletHarbin Hot Springs Laughter Club at noon first Saturday monthly

  2. BulletWhile I am away contact Luminessa for info about Sebastopol Laughter.

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What happens at a Laughter Yoga Club?

Laughter sessions usually begin with stretching and breathing, because this is a form of exercise so it is important to warm up the body.  Then we do laughter exercises that simulate and stimulate laughter.  We invite laughers to participate with a sense of childlike playfulness.  Kids don’t have to use their intellect to decide if something is funny.  That is why they laugh so much more than adults. We don’t use jokes or comedy, you don’t have to be in a happy mood and you don’t have to have a sense of humor.  It is a scientific fact that you get the same health benefits from fake or simulated laughter that you get from genuine laughter.  And it is also a scientific fact that laughter is contagious, so once you start doing the laughter exercises natural spontaneous laughter usually erupts.  We end a laughter session with sitting and/or lying down laughter.  This is the time to just laugh for no reason and let your self have a cathartic release.  And after the laughter it is time for relaxation, a time for your body to integrate the benefits of the laughter practice. The mission of Laughter Yoga is world peace, health and harmony through laughter so we close by sending joy to the world.

Therapeutic Benefits of Laughter 
Increases oxygen supply                                    
Removes negative effects of stress
Improves Self Confidence
Boosts your immune system
Increases longevity 
    (people who laugh live longer)
Helps fight disease
Circulates lymph fluid
Reduces inflammation
Increases tolerance to pain
Exercises your abdominal muscles
Enhances flexibility of various joints
Improves relationships
Produces endorphins 
    (natural pain killers)
Lowers blood pressure
Aides digestion
Raises good cholesterol
Releases serotonin 
   (a natural antidepressant)
Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
Improves academic achievement 
Promotes kindness & compassion

Therapeutic Benefits of Laughter

  1. BulletIncreases oxygen supply                                   

  2. BulletRemoves negative effects of stress

  3. BulletImproves Self Confidence

  4. BulletBoosts your immune system

  5. BulletIncreases longevity

    (people who laugh live longer)

  1. BulletHelps fight disease

  2. BulletCirculates lymph fluid

  3. BulletReduces inflammation

  4. BulletIncreases tolerance to pain

  5. BulletExercises your abdominal muscles

  6. BulletEnhances flexibility of various joints

  7. BulletImproves relationships

  8. BulletProduces endorphins

    (natural pain killers)

  1. BulletLowers blood pressure

  2. BulletAides digestion

  3. BulletRaises good cholesterol

  4. BulletReleases serotonin

   (a natural antidepressant)

  1. BulletLowers risk of cardiovascular disease

  2. BulletImproves academic achievement

  3. BulletPromotes kindness & compassion

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