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Bring more joy and laughter to

your conferences, conventions

and corporate events. 

Businesses Benefit from Laughter

See what the manager at Marriott has to say

Topic Titles

Laughter and Play

to Promote Productivity

Use Laughter to Leverage Learning

Get your Exercise - Laugh!

Laughing at Lunch

Lift your Spirit with Laughter

Bring More Joy to your Day

with Laughter and Play

Get a Kick out of Laughter

Spread the Happy Virus.

Laugh it’s Contagious

Lighten Up with Levity

Manage Stress with Laughter

Enhance your Brain Chemistry

with Laughter

Compliment Cancer Care

with Laughter Therapy

Growing Old is a Laughing Matter

and more . . .

Monnet’s speaking style is professional yet playful.  Her presentations combine scientific research with stories, along with laughter exercises to allow the audience a direct experience of the therapeutic benefits of laughter.  Bring more joy, more happiness, more playfulness, more lightness, and levity to your workplace, conference, convention or event.

  1. Bullet1 Hour Key Note Speech - with or with out power point & videos

  2. Bullet1 Hour Laughing at Lunch

  3. Bullet2 or 3 Hour Laughter Workshop

  4. Bullet1/2 Day Laughter Training

  5. Bullet1 Full Day of Laughter tailored for the needs of your group

  6. BulletLaughter Series - with multiple laughter sessions

  7. Bullet2 Day Laughter Yoga Leader Certification Course

For more information call


To contact Monnet call 707-824-1993 or send an email to dmonnet@me.com

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